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2020 Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

TEACHER OF THE YEAR: The Talbot County Teacher of the Year program honors teachers who represent the best in the profession. It provides the opportunity to recognize outstanding teachers who are doing incredible things both inside and outside of the classroom.  It also helps us to focus positive attention on public education. The teacher must meet the following requirements to be selected as the Talbot County Teacher of the Year:
  • Hold state certification in area(s) of assignment, Pre-K through 12th Grade;
  • Be a current full-time classroom teacher as defined by a teaching contract, to include: librarians, specialists, intervention teachers, ESL teachers, gifted education teachers, instructional coaches and special education teachers;
  • Have a minimum of six years of exemplary teaching experience (can include this current school year);
  • Plan to continue in an active teaching status for at least one year; and
  • Submit a professional resume that addresses the following: Education, Certifications, Experience, Leadership and Awards/Other Recognition.

To nominate a deserving teacher, please seek their approval first. Submit the nomination form by Tuesday, February 4, 2020. The building principal will obtain a copy of the professional resume from the nominee, sign and date the nomination form and submit to the TOY Coordinator by Friday, February 7, 2020.
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4. Where does the Nominee work?