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2020 Support Staff of the Year Nomination Form

Educational Support Professional of the Year Award Nomination Procedure

Purpose of the Award:
•    To recognize an outstanding educational support professional for his/her contribution to the success of the learning community
•    To focus public attention on the importance of educational support professionals.

Selection Criteria:
    The Nominee:
•    Is an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled member of the Support Staff in a school or office;
•    Goes above and beyond the call of duty;
•    Is supportive of the learning environment;
•    Is employed in a non-certified, non-exempt position (A&S staff, exempt employees, teachers and licensed professionals are not eligible.)

Nomination Process:
•    All nominees must be full-time employees who have worked for TCPS for a minimum of two years. Any member of the community can nominate a Support Staff Employee.

To nominate a deserving Support Staff, please submit the nomination form by Tuesday, February 4, 2020.
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4. Where does the Nominee work?