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THRU Project Next Step Housing Application


Next Step Housing Program Overview

THRU Project’s Next Step Housing Program is designed to help qualified, former foster youth, single and age 18 and over who are in need of shelter and supportive services.  The combination of support and their own initiative and determination will allow them to experience independent living while learning the life skills and garnering the support needed to live successfully on their own.

Housing for this program is provided through various apartment complexes throughout San Antonio.  The ultimate goal is for participants to attend college, vocational school or job training without the concern of shelter while completing their goals.

Requirements for this program are individually created based on each participant's particular needs.  Each participant will use this opportunity to repair any damaged credit and rebuild their credit rating, if necessary and agree to deposit money into a savings account each month, the amount put into your savings will depend on your income amount, held in trust by THRU Project, by the 15th of each month.   Participants must also continue participating in the THRU Project mentor program, attend life skills classes, counseling or other program services as noted by THRU Project staff.

Next Step Housing will provide participants financial assistance by paying their rent in an apartment complex for the term of up to 12 months.  It is not necessary or required for the participant to remain in the program for the full term.  Leases are on a month-to-month basis and may be terminated by the participant or THRU Project at any time.
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