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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1002 Quiz 18

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. Which command would you use to have a workstation stop using an IP address that it obtained from a DHCP server?
2. Which of the following commands could be used to determine where the communication is blocked?
3. Which of the following terms describes the difference between white and black in an LCD monitor?
4. You are a trainer for your company and often teach courses in a classroom located on-campus or in a hotel conference room. In your office, which is separate from the classroom, you have two external monitors connected to your laptop, and you are able to display different content on each monitor.

However, when teaching, you only have your laptop and a projection unit. To make teaching easier, you want to the same content to show on both the laptop monitor and the projection screen.

Which of the following multiple display options would be BEST to select when teaching?
5. A user can't make an RDP connection from outside the network to a server inside the network. Which network device will a network administrator MOST likely configure to allow this connection?
6. Which of the following is the BEST device to deploy to protect your private network from a public, untrusted network?
7. A technician is installing a new SOHO wireless router in a home office. The customer wants to secure the wireless network so only a smartphone, tablet, and laptop can connect.

Which of the following router settings should the technician change?
8. You want to be able to access your home computer using Remote Desktop while traveling. You enable Remote Desktop, but you find that you cannot access your computer outside of your home network.

Which of the following is the BEST solution to your problem?
9. An administrator configures the Time Machine application on Mac OS computers and develops scripts that use the tar command on Linux computers.

Which of the following best practices is the administrator following?
10. What is your top priority when responding to emergencies and hazardous situations?
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