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Housing + Transportation Decision-maker Scorecard

This scorecard is an assessment tool to ensure affordable housing exists with affordable transportation options and that both are high-quality.
  • Affordable transportation is high-quality for individuals when it provides geographic access to opportunities and is multimodal, timely, practical, dignified, accessible, safe and low cost.
  • Affordable transportation is high-quality for neighborhoods when it improves health, the environment, community conditions and advances equity.
All people need quality housing they can afford and the ability to access a variety of opportunities outside their home — education, employment, shopping, recreation, etc. Transportation is the connection between home and outside opportunity. Ideally, quality affordable housing will be near everything residents need and desire. Though the reality is that even the best-planned affordable housing endeavor cannot hope to be near all opportunities.

Therefore, the availability and quality of affordable transportation, such as walking, biking, riding transit or carpooling, must be taken into consideration when determining if housing is truly affordable.

High-quality, affordable transportation near affordable housing enables people to get to the places they need to go regardless of means, ability or circumstances — such as when someone else needs the family car, the car breaks down or is flooded, or to save money.

Use LINK Houston’s Housing+Transportation Decision-maker Scorecard to improve practice at your organization by:
  • Selecting better sites through early consideration of the quality of affordable transportation.
  • Increasing functionality of affordable housing by evaluating and implementing transportation improvements.
How does the scorecard work?
All questions are "yes" or "no". A "yes" is 1-point and a "no" is 0-points. You will see the site score tally on the last page.
May I save and continue later?
Yes. Click on the bar at the top of your browser to learn how to save your progress and return later.
How do I save my completed scorecard?
You will be able to review and download your response in Adobe PDF format when finished. You may share your email address to receive your completed scorecard by email;  the email is sent automatically upon scorecard completion.
How does LINK Houston use the information? Is the scorecard secure?
The scorecard is strictly confidential and is hosted by LINK Houston as a public service. We strictly do not share site locations or score details entered by users, with anyone, ever. The scorecard is hosted on servers based in the U.S. and two-factor authentication protects access. LINK Houston does compile a list of scorecard user email addresses to understand scorecard use and to ask for general feedback.