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Representative Day Hochman-Vigil 2020 Constituent Survey


Dear Neighbor:

The 2020 Legislative Session begins January 21. This year is a 30-day session, and the NM Constitution limits our discussion to matters of the budget and taxation, along with any major issues that the Governor puts on her call.  We won’t be able to discuss everything this year, but I am confident that we’ll be able to tackle some of our most pressing issues.

It is very important for me to know my constituents and how they feel about the many critical issues facing New Mexico. By visiting with you at your homes, sending regular letters, responding to phone calls, and holding town hall meetings, I hope to continue to build vibrant relationships with the people of NM House District 15.

We have many critical issues facing us, and I hope you can take the time to give me your insight on the issues I’ve included in this survey. Your input will help me better represent you in the NM Legislature.

- Representative Day Hochman-Vigil