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2020 WISE SPY Award

Thank you for your nomination of a fellow WISE member for recognition as the WISE Safety Professional of the Year (SPY).

The WISE SPY award recognizes superior levels of excellence within the diverse WISE membership! It is the highest level of recognition that rewards a member, and the WISE SPY becomes our nomination for the ASSP Practice Specialty/Common Interest Group Safety Professional of the Year (COPs SPY).

In addition, as per the Member of the Month program, the WISE SPY award is also another way encourage and support professional self-promotion. It also contributes to fostering our sense of community as we shine the light on the great work of our colleagues.

Nomination is made by way of answering the questions to follow.

Please be mindful that this survey is the only way to nominate for the WISE SPY award, and only information within this survey will be provided to the WISE Awards and Honors Committee for review.

That being said, it is possible that the reason you are nominating a fellow member may not entirely fit into one of the questions below: that is ok. There is a final space to add supporting information that you may not have been captured, and your nomination will not be seen as less favorable to another.

But please know that your information in this survey is all the Committee will be reviewing, and your nomination must be received by Tuesday February 11, 2020.

Finally, please be advised that:
- All persons nominated for the WISE SPY MUST be a paid WISE member in good standing with ASSP;
- All nominees must be aware of, and agree to, their nomination i.e. no secret or anonymous nominations; and
- Previous WISE SPY recipients are not eligible for consideration.
By continuing this nomination process you are agreeing with the above statements.

1. Details of the person making the nomination (nominator) *This question is required.
2. Details of the person receiving the nomination (nominee) *This question is required.
3. Is this person aware that you are nominating them for the WISE Safety Professional of the Year (SPY)?
4. Are they a WISE member in good standing with ASSP?