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Lakota Mission Trip Registration/Payment Form

This form is for people who are registering to attend the Lakota Reservation Mission Trip.

Why are we going?  
The Lakota people we are reaching out to live in the worst poverty conditions in our country.  They are also among the highest in domestic abuse, addiction, and suicide.  Our history classes in school don’t cover all the horrors these people have been through.  And yet they are beautiful people with an interesting and colorful culture.  There is hope for good things in the future, especially through the work our missionaries are doing there. Tim and Kim Wardell are doing an amazing job of loving these people and helping them know the love of Jesus.  We just want to come along side them in their work to support and help them.

What are we doing?  The most important thing we will do is get to know the people and build a friendship with them. However, we will be engaged in three projects.  Home repair, a VBS program, and an evening Teen program. We will jump in on any of these projects as our individual gifts enable us to, and as needs demand. Some of us may work on home repair all day, while others work with the kids on VBS.  We will be teaming up with the Niles Hope Community Church (where Bob Moss is pastor). This will be their 4th summer trip to the Reservation, so they are taking the lead on the trip and have invited us to join them. More details on the exact type of home repair we will be doing will come a little later.  

When and how will we travel?  We will drive to Allen, South Dakota, to the Pass Creek Mission, leaving on June 19 and returning June 28. It’s a 14 hour trip, so we will stay in a hotel one night coming and going. We will likely spend a day touring the Crazy Horse monument, and the Black Hills area.

Where will we sleep?  At Pass Creek Mission we will sleep in beds in the large bunk house dorms, one area for all the guys, and one for the ladies. The dorms are equipped with showers. We will be doing all our own cooking in a kitchen attached to the dorm. Our team will take turns with the cooking. The Pass Creek Mission is clean and comfortable, but it is no luxury lodge. :)  

What is the cost?  $450.00. This includes transportation, hotels, lodging at the mission, food, supplies for home repairs and VBS.  Six meals during the travel days are on your own.

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