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High Street Health-Check 2020 - Croydon

Welcome to High Street Health-Check 2020

What will it take to grow your high street business in 2020?

This survey covers the key strategies that successful high street businesses across our community have been putting in place to increase their footfall, sales and revenue.

You will find sections about social media, local collaborations, email marketing, future high street trends and more.

It will take approx. 9 minutes to complete the whole survey and we can then start preparing the following for you:
  • Your Health-Check report and score; showing how well prepared your business is to achieve its revenue potential this year.
  • 3 top ideas to increase your sales and revenue, all personalised to you and with tips about how they could be implemented.
  • An interactive map showing the total annual spend on different products/services in your local area.
  • The option to book a call with one of our experts to discuss your Health-Check results, challenges and opportunities for 2020.

Our goal is to better understand how prepared the high street is to meet the challenges ahead, while helping you to achieve your own potential on the high street this year. 

Let’s get started...