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20200129 Gaming Developers


Welcome!  We are hosting a new study among Gaming Developers - either professional or freelance. 

This will be a year-long online community where you will be able to interact with other gaming developers to "talk shop" and you will receive payment for different surveys to get your opinions on issues related to gaming. 

As a member of the community, you will:
• Have the opportunity to connect with other professional game developers and share your insights with each other
• Spend about 20 minutes each month to provide us with your valuable opinions and feedback to help shape the industry

In return, we will:
• Share with you how your advice has informed business decisions, 
• Reward you with gift cards (depending on the topic and length of the survey), you'll receive $20 for joining the community and meaningfully completing the first activity
• Provide you with industry data, reports, and
• Connect you with other professional game developers

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