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Continuing Education credit — February 2020

As a subscriber to, you can earn up to 12 hours of CE credit from the CFP Board and the Investments & Wealth Institute.

Please read the articles and answer the questions below. To find the related article, click on the hyperlinked title of the story – both online-only articles as well as stories published in the magazine.

You must answer 8 of the 10 questions correctly to qualify for CE credit.

Financial Planning does not provide a certificate of completion. Please take a screenshot of the confirmation from the results page for your records. Financial Planning reports results to the CFP Board weekly. The board may take an additional two weeks to post results.

If you need assistance, please contact SourceMedia customer service at, 212.803.8500.
1.  The SECURE Act eliminates stretch IRAs for many beneficiaries, although there are exceptions. Which one of these beneficiaries cannot receive a stretch IRA under the new rules? *This question is required.
2.  Under the new rules, beneficiaries who are no longer eligible to receive stretch IRAs must empty the IRA by the end of which year after the original IRA holder’s death?
  *This question is required.
3. If a parent reports a $100,000 balance in a 529 account on an annual FAFSA, what is the maximum amount their child’s aid award may be reduced by that year? *This question is required.
4.  If a grandparent has $30,000 distributed from her 529 plan to pay for her grandchild’s college expenses, what is the maximum amount the child’s FAFSA award may be reduced by when she is filling out the following year’s FAFSA? *This question is required.
5. A portfolio mimicking the S&P 500 is analyzed from Jan. 1, 1970, through Dec. 31, 2019, using 48 rolling three-year periods. What percentage of the time did this portfolio produce three-year returns that were 500 bps above or below the S&P’s mean three-year rolling return of 10.95%? *This question is required.
6. The same analysis is done using an equally weighted multi-asset portfolio including large-cap U.S. equity, small-cap U.S. equity, foreign equity, real estate, commodities, bonds and cash. What percentage of the time does this portfolio produce three-year returns that were 500 bps above or below the portfolio’s mean three-year rolling return of 9.83%? *This question is required.
7. If an IRA owner makes more than one IRA-to-IRA indirect rollover over 365 days, what percentage will the annual penalty be as long as the funds remain in the account? *This question is required.
8. What is the mandatory federal income tax withholding percentage for indirect rollover distributions made from an employer plan? *This question is required.
9. If a client sells a building in an opportunity zone, her gains can be tax-deferred until 2026 as long as she reinvests that money into a qualified opportunity fund within what period of time? *This question is required.
10. A broker-dealer may treat advisors as if they are subject to the Anti-Money Laundering rule as long as which of these conditions is met? *This question is required.
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