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Share your story with Mettacool

#Mettacoolstories - Share Your Story!

We want working women to share their stories with us!...stories that, one by one, help to rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a successful working woman.

Reflect on the many inflection points in your career (early career, your first leadership role, the transition to motherhood, a role or a career change, re-entering the workforce, etc.) We want to hear stories about a challenge you've overcome, a triumph, a funny or awkward situation, a pivotal moment that has changed who you are. Whatever your story, we ask that the common thread be that you share the lesson learned and any call to action you may have, with the hopes that your story reaches other women who may need to hear your message! 

So here's the ask: Submit your story using this application by either:: 1. Recording a short video on your phone or laptop (we do not care about the video quality!)  OR 2. Submit a written story with a photo of yourself.

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4. Please upload your video or your photo (if you've submitted a written story). *This question is required.

I understand my story as outlined above or in the video recorded of me may be used in connection with Mettacool. I authorize Mettacool to use my name, brief biographical information, and my story as defined on this form or by me in this video.

I hereby irrevocably authorize Mettacool to copy, exhibit, publish or distribute the story for purposes of publicizing The Business’ programs or for any other lawful purpose. These statements may be used in social media, multimedia presentations, on websites or in any other distribution media. I agree that I will make no monetary or other claim against Mettacool for the use of the statement.

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