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FLCC STEAM Camp at Home 2020

Welcome to the STEAM Camp at Home registration!

The camps will be held over three weeks, from July 13th to July 31st, and consist of daily live meetings to discuss projects on topics such as conservation, art, technology, nutrition and athletic training.

At the end of the registration you will be directed to the payment page where you can purchase access to the schedule and meetings for $15 and participate in some or all of the projects or pay $50 for access and a materials kit.  
Materials kit ordering closes June 25th.
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7. Returning FLCC STEAM Camper?
Which FLCC STEAM camp(s) did you attend?
8. STEAM Camp Options:

With the "FLCC STEAM Camp at Home, Without Materials Kit" option you will receive a materials list for the projects and will need to gather those on your own.
If you would prefer a prepackaged materials kit, please register for the "FLCC STEAM Camp at Home - Materials Kit Included" option.  Materials kit ordering closes June 25th.

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