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HMIS Data Request


HMIS Data Request Questionnaire 
Limited Availability During Transition to New HMIS
Chicago is transitioning its HMIS to a new software called Clarity. This is an involved process that will require substantial commitment from All Chicago staff during the summer and fall of 2021. During this period, All Chicago’s ability to fulfill new data requests will be extremely limited. If you have a time-sensitive need to access HMIS data please contact us at to discuss your request. For other requests we encourage you to wait and make the request no earlier than winter 2021. We appreciate your flexibility during this transition.

All Chicago reviews all data requests that are submitted for alignment with the mission, priorities and interests of the Chicago continuum of care. If a request is approved, All Chicago will work with you to estimate the amount of time required to respond to the request and the anticipated delivery date. Some requests, such as those that come from outside the continuum of care or that are for advocacy purposes, may be subject to a charge of $125/hour of staff time. All Chicago will review any fees with you before beginning work on your data request.