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Climb Leader Application


Before applying, be sure to read the following information:

Climbing leadership roles vary based on skill, experience, and personal preference. If you are not familiar with our Climbing Leadership Structure, please visit this page to learn more before applying. All prospective leaders must be familiar with the leader role they are applying for, the climbing standards, and must have met the requirements to become a leader. 

Applications will be reviewed by the branch climbing committee in which you are affiliated, and that committee will contact you for the next step in the process. Under special circumstances, applicants with equivalent experience from outside The Mountaineers who are not enrolled in the intermediate climbing course  may be considered if their skills and experience are extraordinary and the branch climbing committee deems them ready for this leadership role. Typically such applicants already have a relationship and have discussed their leadership with their preferred branch climbing committee. 
The form is optimized for completion on a desktop or tablet.

Feedback & Improvements

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2. Are you a current Mountaineers member?

You must be a current member of the Mountaineers to lead climbs, and you must maintain membership.
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3. Are you at least 18 years old?
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4. Have you graduated from the Basic Climbing Course or hold Basic Equivalency status? *This question is required.
6. What Climb Leader Role are you applying for?

Some applicants may apply for multiple leader badges at one time. Common instances of this are as follows:
  • Frontcountry Leader roles
  • Rock and Glacier rope Lead
  • Peer Rock and Peer Glacier Leader
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