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Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 34

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 34

1. During a penetration test, Heidi runs into an ethical situation she's never faced before and is unsure how to proceed. Which of the following should she do?
2. What are the rules and regulations defined and put in place by an organization called?
3. Compliments, misinformation, feigning ignorance, and being a good listener are tactics of which social engineering technique?

4. An attack that targets senior executives and high-profile victims is referred to as which of the following?

5. Which of the following is malware that works by stealth to capture information and then sends it to a hacker to gain remote access?

6. Which of the following do hackers install in systems to allow them to have continued admittance, gather sensitive information, or establish access to resources and operations within the system?
7. Which of the following best describes a honeypot?
8. Which of the following honeypot interaction levels simulate all service and applications and can be completely compromised by attackers to get full access to the system in a controlled area?

9. You are employed by a small start-up company. The company is in a small office and has several remote employees. You must find a business service that will accommodate the current size of the company and scale up as the company grows.

The service needs to provide adequate storage as well as additional computing power. Which of the following cloud service models should you use?

10. Which of the following best describes the Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing service model?