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Regional Skills Analysis


Thank you for your willingness to participate in our survey. This survey is led by industry leaders in the Research Triangle region and Cape Fear regions and aims to evaluate workforce needs and trends in North Carolina.
  • The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. You can save your answers and finish later.
  • Respondents who complete the survey can enter into a prize drawing for regional-specific rewards, including gift cards to local businesses.
  • This survey is best answered by someone with familiarity with the organization’s hiring process, like a manager, HR representative, or executive.

We know there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but please answer to the best of your knowledge. Your answers will help inform North Carolina’s economic recovery.

A critical question moving forward for North Carolina’s economic recovery will be how to identify industries with growth, what skills and credentials will be needed to work in those industries, and how to connect the workforce with training and job openings. This will require a concerted effort from the private sector, workforce development, and educational institutions to bridge existing skills and access gaps and connect people out of work to good-paying, quality jobs. 

To support this effort, RTI, Wake County Economic Development, Capital Area Workforce Development,  the City of Raleigh , Cape Fear Collective, and the Wilmington Chamber are conducting a regional skills analysis in the Triangle and Cape Fear regions of North Carolina to identify industry and region-specific trends and needs for talent in the next three years. This data will inform a coordinated strategy to prepare economic and workforce development partners to address the workforce needs of industry as we navigate the economic recovery.

All of your responses will be confidential. You and your organization’s name and identifying information will not be shared. For your convenience, you can exit an incomplete survey and return to complete it later. Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary. While we do not anticipate any risk to you in participating in this survey, you can stop it at any point. 

If you have questions about this project please call or email Michael Hogan, the research director at If you have questions about your role or rights as a research participant, you can call RTI’s office of research protection at 919.316.3358 or 1.866.214.2043.