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Melvin Sabshin M.D. Library & Archives Use Request Form

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  1. I request permission to examine materials in the Archives of the APAF. If permission is granted, I agree to comply with the APAF’s regulations for the use of materials.
  2. If the materials to which I request access belong to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), I agree to comply with the terms provided by the APA for the use of such materials.
  3. No copy (including via photograph) may be made of materials belonging to the APA or APAF unless written permission to make such copy is obtained from APA or APAF.
  4. I understand that permission to examine materials does not include permission to publish contents in whole or in part unless such publication is specifically authorized in writing by the American Psychiatric Association Foundation and/or American Psychiatric Association.
  5. I understand that any and all reproductions made of materials in the Archives for which the APAF or APA owns the copyright are provided to me to facilitate my personal research exclusively and that any further dissemination in whole or part requires prior written authorization from the APAF or APA.
  6. I understand further that the APAF may not own the copyright or literary property rights in any unpublished document and that permission to publish must be obtained from the owner of the copyright.

  1. Staff will retrieve materials, all stacks are closed to the public.
  2. Smoking and eating and drinking are not permitted while using materials from the Archives.
  3. Materials must be handled carefully.
  4. Do not rearrange materials in boxes or folders. If a record appears to be out of place, please notify APAF staff.
  5. No markings of any kind may be made on the materials.
  6. Do not mark, fold, press, or trace items or handle in a way that might damage materials.
  7. Staff will do any and all reproduction of materials from the Archives (e.g., photocopying). Requests are processed as time allows. Plan for a ten-day turn-around time. If conditions dictate a longer processing time, the researcher will be informed.  Materials may not be copied (including by taking a photograph) without express permission from APAF.
  8. The researcher assumes all responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright, libel and literary property rights.
  9. APAF may not own the copyright or literary property rights in any unpublished document, in which case the researcher must obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright.
  10. Permission to examine materials does NOT include authorization to publish contents in whole or in part. Separate written permission to publish the contents of any document, in whole or in part, must be granted by the APAF or APA. If permission to publish is granted, researcher is required to properly acknowledge the copyright of the American Psychiatric Association or American Psychiatric Association Foundation, Melvin Sabshin, M.D. Library & Archives, as appropriate, in the publication. A free copy of all publications which rely on the APAF’s holdings should be presented to the APAF Librarian as soon as the work is published.

APAF reserves the right to deny or restrict the use of materials at any time and for any reason.

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