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2020 SP500

SP500 Application - Page 1

CRN 2020 Solution Provider 500/Fast Growth 150 Application Form

Welcome to CRN's 2020 Solution Provider 500/Fast Growth 150 application. To simplify the application process, we've combined both lists into one application. The SP500 will be announced June 1st, and the Fast Growth 150 on August 3rd on

Click here to download the full application.
Click here to download the revenue verification form.

Please note that ALL applications must be submitted through the online form. The Word Doc downloadable form is for your data compilation purposes only and cannot be submitted.

Final versions of your SP500 application must be submitted ONLINE by 9:00PM EST on: MAY 20th

SP500 Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Must be a VAR/MSP/IT Channel Reseller. Technology Manufacturers are NOT eligible unless they have a services branch, in which case only revenue from that part of the company is valid.
  • Must be headquartered in North America
  • Must provide revenue verification to finalize your submission (you will be prompted upon application submission). 

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