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Call for Presentations

2020 DCJS Law Enforcement Symposium

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is soliciting presentations for the 2020 Law Enforcement Symposium to be held in Albany, NY from September 30 – October 2, 2020. Presentations must be submitted to DCJS by May 15, 2020 to be considered for this event.

DCJS continuously strives be the national leader and innovator in supporting local law enforcement agencies.  GIVE is unique in that it is the only state-supported program in the nation that requires the use of evidence-based practices to reduce gun violence and save lives. GIVE provides local law enforcement with the funding, technical assistance and training to reduce violent crime and enhance public safety.  The CAC Program is equally unique as a state-wide network of analysis centers that bring together more than 300 agencies into a data-sharing network. The Crime Analysis Centers are multi-jurisdictional units that provide in-depth data analytics to gain a comprehensive picture of the criminal environment within the centers’ geographical areas of responsibility, enhance real-time crime-fighting support capacity, support informed decision-making in fighting crime, and promote crime prevention and safe communities.

The 2020 DCJS Law Enforcement Symposium will bring together over 600 criminal justice professionals from New York and the rest of the country that are involved in the following disciplines:
• Law Enforcement Executives (police, sheriff, prosecution, community supervision)
• Crime Analysts
• Front-line personnel
• Street outreach management
• Researchers

This call for presentations is for law enforcement professionals, practitioners, academics, and any one doing work in a related field.  Our goal is to bring together those who have innovative ideas and programs that can be shared with the criminal justice community.   If you have something worth sharing, we urge you to submit for this call.   We will look to match submissions with similar subjects and topics to create themed breakout sessions and panel discussions.

Below are some frequently asked questions that should guide your submission:
Q: When does the submission period begin for the DCJS Law Enforcement Symposium?
A: The submission period begins on March 2, 2020.

Q: What is the submission deadline?
A: The deadline is May 15, 2020.

Q: What topics will be considered?
A: DCJS is looking for a wide array of topics that are innovative, engaging, inspiring, and informative for criminal justice professionals around the state and country. DCJS’s goal is to offer relevant, timely education and training to help attendees do their jobs more effectively and make their agencies more successful. Symposium attendees are interested in hearing after-action reports and best practices from agencies. First-hand perspectives provide insight. Proposals should address contemporary or emerging issues confronting the law enforcement profession and the leaders of law enforcement agencies. 

Some other topics to be considered are:

• Evidence-Based Policing (basic and advanced tracks)
• Crime Analysis
• Leadership
• Community policing, social justice, public trust
• Training
• Innovations in prosecution
• Community Supervision
• Jurisdiction strategy efforts (GIVE agencies only)

Q: What information is required?
A: The following information is required with your submission: •Title of Presentation
•Speaker/Presenter Information (include biography)
•Presentation Description/Abstract – One-two paragraph description of the topic
•Presentation objectives – What will the audience get out of the presentation?
•Methodology – How will this be presented (lecture, PPT, workshop, etc.)

Research Consortium Members:
Members of the NYS Criminal Justice Research Consortium are invited to submit abstracts for presentation at this year’s symposium.  We are particularly interested in research that examines gun violence, evidence-based policing, police-community relations, and effective prosecution strategies, but will consider other related ideas.  Research projects do not have to be funded through the Research Consortium to be considered.  Abstracts should briefly summarize the purpose of the study, study design, major findings, and conclusions.  If possible, abstracts should note the practitioner agency that was a partner in the study.
Items to Consider:

DCJS does not guarantee that all submissions will be approved for presentation at the event. All approved submissions will be notified by July 1, 2020. DCJS cannot guarantee a specific time for each presentation, so presenters must be available for all three days of the event.
A/V equipment will include the following in each room at the Convention center
 • (1) computer at the podium
• Audio connection from computer (to play DVD/video)
• (1) wireless presentation mouse
• (1) podium microphone
• (1) table-top microphone for panelists
• (1) audience microphone with stand for Q&A
• (1) screen
• (1) LCD projector

All presenters will be contacted directly by DCJS staff to provide logistics information for your attendance at the event. DCJS cannot pay honorariums for this event but will reimburse for reasonable travel costs associated with presenter participation in the event.
Many of the presentations from the 2019 Law Enforcement Symposium were recorded and can be viewed by following this link:

Questions can be directed to:
3. What topic area would this be considered?
7. Contact Information*
If more than one person will be presenting, each person must provide contact information and bio.
9. Please attach any additional bios or copies of the presentation here: