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Car Accident Survey

Case resolved?

Thank you for taking this brief Martindale-Nolo survey. Your answers will be kept confidential. We will publish only the overall, aggregate results of the survey, to help others understand what they can expect after having a car accident.
1. Has your car accident case been resolved? *This question is required.
If there is a delay in resolving your car accident case, which of the following would you say is playing the biggest part in that delay? *This question is required.
Whose fault was the accident (as determined by the insurance company or the court)? *This question is required.
Did your insurance company pay for any of your losses (such as damage to your car and medical bills)? *This question is required.
Was the reimbursement for medical expenses you received from your own insurance company paid under your "no-fault," "personal injury protection" (PIP), or "medical payment" (MedPay) coverage? *This question is required.
How did your car accident case get resolved? *This question is required.
How much did you receive from your insurance company? (Choose the answer closest to the actual amount you received.)