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KDF Loaner Board Registration

Contact Information

Please fill out this page to the fullest so that we can keep track of who requested life jackets and where they need to be sent. 
We also use this as a record to know what boards are being used/regularly checked on and which boards might need a new sponsor. 
THANKS for your interest in promoting Kids Don't Float and making it a viable program in your community!

Kids Don't Float is a statewide effort since 1996 to reduce unintentional injury and drowning supported by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, the 17th Coast Guard District, the Alaska Office of Boating Safety, and Alaska Safe Kids.
*Note* To complete this form each section must be completely filled out.If you are not able to move forward, make sure all fields have been filled out in the current section. If you have trouble please call Olivia Drown at 907-269-6042 or email:
1. Are you renewing a board that is already set up or are you building a new board in your area?  *This question is required.