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Status-Neutral HIV Prevention in the South Evaluation

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Addressed your most pressing questions
Addressed competencies identified by your specialty
Provided clear evidence to support content
Included opportunities to learn interactively from faculty and participants
Provided you with supporting materials or tools for your office (reminders, patient materials, etc.)
Included opportunities to solve patient cases
Allowed you to assess what you have learned
Translated trial data to patients you see in your practice
Addressed barriers to optimal patient management in your practice
2. Rate the extent to which this CME activity met the following learning objectives: *This question is required.
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Describe how HIV status-neutral prevention is positioned to reduce new HIV infections in the US
Implement evidence-based, comprehensive approaches that integrate HIV prevention, testing, and treatment efforts to reduce community viral load
3. Did this activity provide fair and balanced content free from commercial bias? (Commercial bias is defined as information presented that advocates a specific proprietary business product, or service, of a commercial interest.) *This question is required.
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