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Jeff Spiegelman for DE's 11th Dist., 2020

Reelect Jeff N. Spiegelman, November 2020, Delaware State Representative, 11th District

Dear Neighbors,

Below is the 2020 11th District Constituent Questionnaire. Your responses will help guide the decisions I make at Legislative Hall in Dover on behalf of our district. You may choose to answer these questions right now on this site by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom right to proceed. Alternatively, you may choose to print a hard copy of this questionnaire by clicking HERE. It will also help me if you shared this link via Facebook, Twitter, or email with friends and family members who are residents of the 11th District.

Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to let me know what is on your mind!

1. Please provide your address below. This is only to ensure you are a resident of the 11th District. 

(This is the ONLY question requiring an answer in order to proceed with the survey. Answers to all questions that follow are optional) *This question is required.
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3. Do you believe the state of Delaware is on the right path or do you think the state needs to change course?
4. How likely are you to vote on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020?
6. Should ethanol-free gasoline be available for Delawareans for use in marine and small engines?
8. Do you believe MEDICAL marijuana card holders should be allowed to keep their Second Amendment Rights?
9. Do you believe that members of the Delaware General Assembly should be more aware of the regulations being proposed by state agencies?
10. If the General Assembly votes to allow the counties to raise taxes, should the vote threshold be the same as when the General Assembly is voting to raise taxes (3/5 majority vote)?
11. Do you think the Delaware economy is generating enough jobs?
12. How likely are you to vote for Jeff on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020?