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Registration Form for WWC City Solutions Sprint on Addressing Housing Quality and Stability

As part of its City Solutions work, What Works Cities, is partnering with the Syracuse Innovation Team and ChangeLab Solutions to offer cities an opportunity to explore how they can implement or improve their own proactive rental inspection program. This is the registration form to declare your intent to participate in the 10-week learning opportunity. 

Due to the unprecedented demands on cities during this time we are delaying the launch of this Sprint opportunity. However, we will keep this form open for those that wish to sign-up. We will reach out with further information once the sprint is rescheduled.

While we only need a registration form from one person in your city, other stakeholders (municipal or otherwise) are welcome and encouraged to participate in the sprint. Later in the application we provide space for you to identify who those other team members might be. Please note, that this opportunity is only available to cities with populations of 30,000 or above. If you have any questions, please email us at