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GIOPS Survey for Librarians working in Government Information, Official Publications and related fields., 2020


As members of the current Standing Committee of IFLA Section 17 “Government Information and Official Publications (GIOPS)”, we are sending out this survey to current and potential members who work with government information in some capacity. 

We believe that you as a member expect GIOPS to provide you with useful and important information concerning your professional tasks. Before we plan how best to support you, we would like to know the challenges you face in your daily work and what the GIOPS landscape in your country looks like. We have designed a survey that will help us assess this as well as find out what kind of professional support you would like from GIOPS. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. 

By responding to this survey, you will provide us with valuable information about the present situation of government and government information librarians in different countries, as well as provide suggestions on how GIOPS might improve support for members.

We do not ask for nor are we collecting any personal data through the survey form. Individual responses will not be published but a summary of the survey results will be made available on our website and provided to the IFLA Professional Committee. Quotes from open-ended questions may be used to convey a particular example in our report without any attribution.

Based on survey responses, we will create an Action Plan outlining how GIOPS and IFLA can support government librarians and other specialists working in this field. The Action Plan will be shared out before the WLIC in Rotterdam in 2021.  Our business meetings in Rotterdam will give you a chance to discuss your ideas with the Standing Committee of GIOPS. Then, we can decide together on how best GIOPS can support you. 

Please complete this survey by August 7, 2020, at 11:59 pm. 

Many thanks for taking part in the survey and sharing your information with us. If you have any questions about the survey, please email Cornelie Butz, GIOPS Chair (