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Toronto 2020 Seminar Sponsorship Agreement

Toronto 2020 Surrogacy Parenting Seminars

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new Surrogacy Parenting Seminar Series in Toronto. It includes 4 seminars, 3-4 hours each, from March through October of 2020. 

The seminars will be hosted and co-sponsored by The 519, Toronto’s LGBTQ community center. Each seminar will include the following components:

  • An hour long peer-advice ”Planning Your Surrogacy Journey in Canada” workshop led by the MHB team. 
  • A speciality expert panel focusing on different topic each time, as well as other unique sessions (financial assistance, advice for prospective single fathers, etc.).  
  • Opportunities to hear directly from parents, surrogates and egg donors.
  • Opportunities to meet a select group of service providers. 
  • An opportunity to socialize with similar minded couples and singles. 

Surrogacy providers can sign up to sponsor one or more of these seminars. We only offer two sponsorship levels and discounts when sponsoring more seminars:

Exhibiting Sponsor
Outreach benefits: Large logo on event pages, table at resource fair, 2 minute in-person introduction at the plenary session
$1500 CAD for 1 seminar
$2750 CAD for 2 seminars
$3750 CAD for 3 seminars
$4500 CAD for all 4 seminars

Non-Exhibiting Sponsor
Outreach benefits: Logo on event pages, materials on a shared table at the resource fair, 80-word introduction slide at the plenary session (read by MHB staff)
$500 CAD for 1 seminar
$950 CAD for 2 seminars
$1350 CAD for 3 seminars
$1700 CAD for all 4 seminars

You may see the event schedules on the website. Note that in general each seminar will have a distinctive specialty panel:
• March 7, 2020: Understanding the Surrogacy Process - the role of surrogacy and egg donation agencies, matching, budgeting and insurance. 
• May 2, 2020:  Legal Aspects - understanding the legal framework for surrogacy in Canada. 
• July 11, 2020: Medical Aspects - the medical screening of future fathers, egg donors and surrogates, the creation of optimal embryos, and the IVF process.
• October 3, 2020: Psychological and Ethical Considerations - A mindful look at surrogacy. 

Additional exposure can be arranged by underwriting one of the specialty panels, for the cost of $1,000 CAD. 

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