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Regional Economic Development Survey

WE NEED YOUR INPUT - Help us identify the Triangle J Region's greatest assets, how we can leverage potential opportunities, and what are the aspirations for the future of the region.  Input from this survey will assist in developing the Triangle J Region Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).   

What is a CEDS?  The CEDS is a regional economic development plan that is used to build capacity in the region, increase economic prosperity and resiliency, and to leverage public and private partnerships and investments.  In other words, how can we maximize economic development efforts in our region?  

How does it affect you?  The content found with the CEDS is unique to the Triangle J Region, and focuses on the development of goals, objectives, strategies, and an action plan applicable to where we live, work, and play!

Who can participate?  ANYONE!  Whether you are a professional in the economic development world, business owner, student, entrepreneur, retired from the workforce - please take approximately ten minutes of your time to help us identify how we as a region can continue to grow in a sustainable and resilient manner. 

**Due to the impacts stemming from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the closing date for this survey is indefinite.  For the time being, TJCOG will continue to collect data through this survey.            


Paper copies and a Spanish version of the survey are available at Triangle J Council of Governments and may also be found at:

In addition, if you or anyone you know needs assistance completing a survey, please contact Lindsay Whitson at or 919.558.9319 to make appropriate arrangements.  

All paper surveys may be emailed to, or must be mailed to:

Triangle J Council of Governments
ATTN:  Lindsay Whitson
4307 Emperor Blvd.
Durham, NC 27703

1. In which county do you reside?
2. In which county are you currently employed?
3. What is your age?
4. Are you originally from the Triangle J Region (Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Orange, or Wake County)?  
5. If you are not from the Triangle J Region, what is your main reason for relocating here?
6. What are the greatest strengths in the region regarding economic development?
7. What are the greatest opportunities in the region for productive economic development?
8. How would you fill in the following statements?

"I am..."
Space Cell Very LikelySomewhat LikelyNot Likely recommend the Triangle J Region as a place to live." recommend the Triangle J Region as a place to start a business." recommend the Triangle J Region as a place to visit." relocate outside of the Triangle J Region."
10. Triangle J has the following assets;
Space Cell Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Job training opportunities and resources
Ability to attract new industries and businesses
Business retention and expansion
Quality affordable housing
Skilled workforce to meet the needs of the region
Desirable cost of living
Strong connection between urban and rural areas
Vibrant downtowns
Regional attractions/visitor destination
Adequate infrastructure (i.e. roads, water/sewer, broadband, rail)
Community amenities (i.e. parks, community center, etc.)
11. How well does the region meet your expectations in the following areas?
Space Cell Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfiedVery Unsatisfied
Entrepreneurial support
Career advancement for all income levels
Employment opportunities for all income levels
Wage levels
Strong community leadership
12. How satisfied or unsatisfied are you with the availability and/or quality of the following types of infrastructure? 
Space Cell Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfiedVery Unsatisfied
Public transportation
Bike and pedestrian infrastructure
Road/highway access and quality
Water/sewer infrastructure
Commute times
Freight transportation
Quality local/regional school system
13. How would you rate Triangle J Region's resiliency -  the ability to prepare for, withstand and recover from natural disasters or economic shocks?
14. What are the biggest threats to the resiliency of the Triangle J Region?  - Please check all that apply
15. How would you rate the performance of the economy in the Triangle J Region over the past five years?