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Israel 2020 Sponsorship Agreement

Men Having Babies (MHB) in partnership with the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers (AIGF) are pleased to offer the 2020 Tel Aviv Surrogacy Conference

The conference is the culmination of a year-long series of well-attended workshops we have been leading. As such the level of readiness and commitment of the attendees is likely to be well above the average. 

The conference is structured to offer opportunities for the attendees to learn about a select group of surrogacy providers directly and through several expert panels. The majority of net proceeds from sponsorship revenues will benefit the AIGF. 

Using this form you may sign up for one of 4 sponsorship levels, with an option to add some extra underwriting options. Note that GPAP related discounts are offered to providers who pledge to offer pro bono services 2020. However since the proceeds benefit the AIGF, we are not offering frequency or Advisory Circle discounts for this event. 


1. Have you pledged or renewed for 2020 GPAP services? *This question is required.
You have the option to click here to complete (or renew) your GPAP Pledge Agreement. In addition to our gratitude, you will also benefit from preferred placement in our provider directory, and possibly also conference fee discounts associated with some pro-bono service pledge. Once you have done so, please come back and choose "Yes" above.

You may also proceed without a pledge, in which case you may decide to pledge later. If your pledge will include eligible pro bono services we will be able to apply the corresponding discount retroactively (up to 45 days prior to the date of the conference).
2. What type of sponsor are you? *This question is required.
Was there a conference discount rate that was agreed upon with MHB in the context of your pro bono pledge? *This question is required.
Please email Ron for clarification. Should a discount rate be agreed upon, it can be applied retroactively.
To calculate your eligible discount please choose from the list below. *This question is required.
To calculate your eligible discount please indicate the number of pro bono legal cases / services you pledged for 2020. *This question is required.Note that a "case" here would amount to providing Legal Contracts for IPs or Surrogates, and / or Legal Finalization services for IPs only. If you provide both contracts and finalization to the same client, that would count as two cases. 
To calculate your eligible discount please choose from the list below. *This question is required.
Please indicate the discount rate that was agreed upon in your GPAP contract: *This question is required.