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Hendry County Internet Survey

Welcome to the Hendry County Internet Survey

Magellan Advisors is conducting a study of broadband at locations in Hendry County. We need to know about internet access and use by households and organizations so we can help make sure everyone has the services they need. 

Please complete this survey if you choose and/or pay for services for your home or work location. If that is not you, please ask the person who does these things to complete this survey. Provide information about your primary residence or organization's main location in the area. If you work from home, please complete the survey only for your household.

If the location for which you are completing this survey has broadband internet service, use a computer at that location, directly wired to your internet  connection.

If the location does not have broadband you may complete this survey from any internet connected device, or you can request a printed survey form by contacting us at

Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge but don't worry about getting answers exactly right. If you're unsure about an answer just make an estimate. A good guess is better than a blank answer.

1. Are you completing this survey for a household or an organization? *This question is required.We need to know the type of location because households and organizations get different services and have different issues.
2. What is the address of the location for which you are completing this survey? *This question is required.We have to know your location's address to identify where broadband is and is not available.
3. Does the location for which you are completing this survey have broadband internet access? *This question is required.Broadband is always-on, high-speed internet access service. Cell phone, dial-up via modem, and satellite internet connections are not considered broadband.