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006 Medical Device Labeling Study

Study Description

Research Collective is conducting a usability study to evaluate the labeling concept of an injection device. This study will take place at our offices in Tempe, Arizona. The specific dates for this study are not yet known. 

Qualified participants will be invited to participate in a 30-minute individual interview session. In appreciation for their time, participants will receive $85 at the conclusion of their session. 

Please note that during this study you will be asked to interact with and provide feedback on a device intended to inject medication. The device you will be interacting with does not contain drug product, but will contain sterile saline and require the handling of a sterile needle. At no point will you be asked to perform the injection into your own skin, rather all of your interactions with the device will be simulated using an injection pad placed on your body. 

If you're interested in participating, please answer the following questions and our team will contact you if you qualify to participate.