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360 Degree City Listener Survey

360 Degree City is celebrating its 50th episode release with a grand prize giveaway! Complete the following survey for a chance to win two custom 360 Degree City - City Builder Mugs (1 right handed, one left), a signed copy of 'Vancouverism' by Larry Beasley, 'The City at Eye Level For Kids' by Rosa Danenberg, Vivian Doumpa, Hans Karssenberg, the latest version of 'Hindsight Magazine:1989 by Meagan Faulkner and R.J. McCulloch, and a signed print of 'Cityscape Portrait' by Raymond Biesinger. A cumulative worth of over $300!

The grand prize draw will be held on July 20th, and will be announced on social media & on our 50th Podcast Episode!