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MiraCosta Multi-Job Student Application

Application Overview

Are you interested in working part time on campus (around your class schedule)? Don’t want to have to fill out multiple job applications? Good news!! The Multi-Job Student Application is your one stop shop to apply to multiple student staff jobs on campus.
These jobs require interaction with students and community members, placing a focus on developing leadership skills. We encourage students with all types of backgrounds and interests to apply.

Job duties may include:
  • Customer service
  • Promotion of events and services
  • Working in a peer environment
  • Peer advising 
  • Public speaking
If you are interested in supporting students on campus, please apply! Before you apply it is recommend that you review the job description and requirements for each job.

Application Format

This application has a few parts to it. You have the option to complete it all at once, but you also have the option to take your time and complete it over a period of time. You can save your application and continue where you left off by clicking "Save and continue later" at the top right hand corner of the application. 

Please provide the following, when completing the application:
  • Background information about yourself
  • References/Recommendations (certain jobs only)
  • Unofficial transcript(s) (certain jobs only)
  • Answers to short essay questions (certain jobs only):
    1. Describe why you are interested, such as what interests you in working with students and what you hope to learn.
    2. Explain how you can help students from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed, valued and supported.  

We look forward to reviewing your application!
Please go to the next page for links to more details and contact information for each job.