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2020 International Large Urban Parks Award - Application Form

Table of contents

Section 1– General information
Section A1 – Design & Layout
Section A2 – Features & Facilities
Section B1 – Protection, Community Engagement & Involvement
Section B2 – Management & Maintenance
Section 2 – Additional (optional) information
Supporting Document File Uploads


World Urban Parks invites all parks around the world to apply for the Large Urban Parks Award. Large urban parks are very different. Some are well-groomed parks in the midst of a city; others are landscape parks on the periphery of a city. Some may contain deep forests, others agricultural areas. Some may be old, filled with historic heritage, others newly created. Climate differs and offers various types of nature. Usage differs from heavily populated to sparsely visited green spaces.

When writing the application please check the text for the criteria as stated in the document Large Urban Park Award. You can download this document and work offline!
  • The application for the Large Urban Park Award must be done in the following online form. All texts in the form must be in English. When writing the application please check the text for the criteria as stated in the document Large Urban Park Award.
  • Supporting documents (e.g. regarding legal protection, visitor’s opinions, and strategic management plan) may also be up-loaded. If not in English it is not guaranteed that they will be taken into account. It is required that you attach maps.
  • Please note that applications will not be registered until payment has been received.
    • $550 NZD (WUP-members)
    • $800 NZD (Non-members)
  • Questions regarding the application and the Award can be directed to
  • Applications close August 31, 2020.

** The application has to be in English ** 

It is preferable that all supporting material is in English but we recognise that English may not be your native language and thus ALL supporting material has to be submitted in both the original language and translated version (English). Please use a recognised electronic translation process (i.e. Google Translator).
Entente Florale Europe - Green Space Award

Purpose & Criteria

As part of the Entente Florale – WUP Partnership a Green Space Award for European cities and towns has been developed. The Green Spaces Award will be for the entrant which received the highest marks overall under the Green Spaces criterion of the Entente Florale Award system. The application process, criteria and judging will be as per the Entente Florale Awards system.  
Award Presentation

Presented each year following the Entente Florale Europe European Market event where finalists gather to share their town/village highlights. The Award recognition will be a Plaque or certificate that will be awarded.