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Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 38

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 38

1. During a penetration test, Dylan is caught testing the physical security. Which document should Dylan have on his person to avoid being arrested?
2. While reviewing video files from your organization's security cameras, you notice a suspicious person using piggybacking to gain access to your building. The individual in question did not have a security badge.

Which of the following would you most likely implement to keep this from happening in the future?
3. Which of the following are the three metrics used to determine a CVSS score?

4. Jessica, an employee, has come to you with a new software package she would like to use. Before you purchase and install the software, you would like to know if there are any known security-related flaws or if it is commonly misconfigured in a way that would make it vulnerable to attack.

You only know the name and version of the software package. Which of the following government resources would you consider using to find an answer to your question?

5. Daphne suspects a Trojan horse is installed on her system. She wants to check all active network connections to see which programs are making connections and the FQDN of where those programs are connecting to.

Which command will allow her to do this?

6. Part of a penetration test is checking for malware vulnerabilities. During this process, the penetration tester will need to manually check many different areas of the system.

After these checks have been completed, which of the following is the next step?
7. Allen, the network administrator, needs a tool that can do network intrusion prevention and intrusion detection, capture packets, and monitor information. Which of the following tools would he most likely select?
8. Which of the following is the process of determining the configuration of ACLs by sending a firewall TCP and UDP packets?

9. Which of the following operating systems is the most prevalent in the smartphone market?

10. Which of the following uses on-the-fly encryption, meaning the data is automatically encrypted immediately before it is saved and decrypted immediately after it is loaded?