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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1002 Quiz 22

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. Which of the following utilities would you use to correct cross-linked clusters within the file system on a Windows workstation?
2. You have used your computer for several months without any issues. Recently, you have noticed that when you perform specific actions or open certain files, your computer crashes, and programs sometimes freeze.

You suspect that hard disk issues are the cause. Which of the following tools would BEST verify and fix disk errors?
3. Which of the following refers to a situation where two files try to claim the same cluster on the hard disk?
4. Which of the following protocols provides authentication and encryption services for VPN traffic?
5. A user has configured his mobile device to unlock using facial recognition. Which of the following methods for securing a mobile device is being used?
6. After entering a user id and password, an online banking user must enter a PIN that was sent as a text message to the user's mobile phone. Which of the following digital security methods is being used?
7. Your company provides testing services that help customers identify and resolve performance issues with their software and e-commerce sites before they go live. To perform accurate testing, a large number of computers are required, sometimes numbering in the hundreds.

Recently, you have noticed that the lights in the testing lab seem dimmer than normal and sometimes flicker. Which of the following electrical terms BEST describes the condition you are most likely experiencing?
8. You're conducting scheduled maintenance on a laser printer. You notice that there is a build-up of excess toner inside the interior of the printer. Which of the following is the BEST way to remove the excess toner?
9. Frank is running a program called FrameMaker on his Windows computer. While trying to import graphics into this program, he sees a spinning wheel for a long time. When Frank clicks on the application, a message is displayed that indicates that the application is not responding.

Which of the following Microsoft command line tools would BEST shut down the application?
10. You are an IT administrator troubleshooting a Windows-based computer. After a while, you determine that you need to refresh the group policy on that computer. Rather than rebooting the computer, you open a command prompt from which the refresh can manually be completed.

Which of the following is the BEST command line tool to run to accomplish this task?
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