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Register to receive Inclusionary Zoning RENTAL emails


The DC government provides households the chance to rent a unit at a reduced rate. You may be eligible if your household meets income requirements. Residents can enter a lottery for reduced-price units based on their household’s income.

Step 1: Schedule and attend an Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Orientation class with a community based organization (CBO).

Step 2 (You are here.):  Use this form to be added to DC government’s IZ email list for rental units. This means you’ll get emails every time a unit becomes available that fits your household's needs and you'll be given the opportunity to enter a lottery for the unit if you’re interested. You’ll need your IZ orientation class certificate to sign-up. 

Who should complete this form?
Just one adult from your household. This should be a person who went to the two-hour IZ orientation class. If more than one adult from your household completes this form, your household risks being disqualified. 

What if I’m already getting IZ emails, but I need to update my household’s information? 
You can also use this form. We'll make the updates to your registration.