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BDNY 2020 Call for Presentations

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
November 8-9, 2020
Thank you for your interest in speaking at BDNY 2020.  Please review and follow the guidelines below before submitting your proposals. All proposals are carefully reviewed by the BDNY Conference team, and while we would like to be able to accommodate all session requests, our space is limited. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and seeing you at BDNY in New York City, November 8-9, 2020.

In order to better address the hottest topics within the industry and the needs of attendees, BDNY created the proposal guidelines. 

1. Submit your proposal on time. 

2. Use spell check to correct spelling and grammatical errors. DO NOT submit your proposal in all CAPS. Suggestion: create proposal in Word document, spell check, then cut and paste into database proposal.

3. Plan your session content accordingly and keep in mind sessions are 60 minutes in length and are not an infomercial. The title of your proposal needs to catch the reader’s attention. The description of your proposal needs to contain specific information. The description should not contain general language or otherwise be “fluffy.” The description needs to be specific to BDNY attendees.

4. Before submitting your session keep the following in mind: 
• Do not promote your products and services
• By submitting this form, you agree to conduct your presentation in a structured, informative manner to that employed by high quality education institutions 
• You will not present in an ad-hoc or ad-lib manner, nor will you use your presentation as a forum for advancement or promotion of your products and services 
• You will not distribute literature that promotes the products or services you sell 
• You will not make appointments with attendees during your seminar
• You will not have seminar attendees participate in a contest, promotion or free app for your product/business or service via text/cell phone/facebook-other social media and/or email before, after or during your seminar presentation.

5. NOTE: Although BDNY will select individual and co-presented sessions, some of our selected sessions may be panel formats. Therefore, we encourage you to form a panel (three or more panelists) to present your proposed program.

6. If chosen as a confirmed BDNY speaker, Emerald offer a complimentary all-access pass to the conference as well as:
1 complimentary night (room and tax only) at one of the BDNY host hotels as assigned OR $300 honorarium in place of the hotel room night.

The deadline for your submissions is Friday, May 1, 2020.
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