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Promotional Objects Survey

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As a network, our role is to promote all the other HI hostels across Canada and use each property as an opportunity to educate guests. To this effect, we currently distribute a national brochure and branded postcards. 

1. In your hostel, where are the brochures located?
2. Do travellers pick up the brochure?
3. Do you think the brochure is an effective promotional tool? 

What are the most common questions travellers ask about their trip?

5. Can you rank the following communication tools in order of effectiveness in promoting the network (1 being the most effective and 5 the least effective) ? Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.

Promotional objects are branded items that can be handed out or sold at front desk. They should be aligned with our brand image and values, as well as useful to travellers.

7. Do you sell promotional items to travellers? 
What items do you sell? 
9.  In your opinion, what promotional items could be put on sale and useful for travellers?