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SaaS KPI Benchmark Research - 1H20' Perspective

All information provided will be held strictly confidential and is aggregated anonymously to ensure no company-specific information will be used or shared with third parties. 

The B2B SaaS Industry has experienced growth challenges in the 1H20 not experienced since 2009 - 2010.  Industry KPI Benchmarks including Growth Rate, CAC Ratio, Gross and Net Retention have been materially impacted in 1H20 versus what we experienced in 2019.

RevOps Squared in partnership with The SaaS CFO is expanding our industry research to enable every B2B SaaS company to see how their 1H20 SaaS Key Performance Indicators measure up in the evolving, new normal business environment.

This research captures Enterprise Valuation KPI Benchmarks used to establish SaaS company valuations.
  • You will receive an executive summary report on our findings
  • Complimentary access to our KPI Benchmarking Performance Platform to see how your company "Measures Up" to the benchmarks
  • Surveys are designed to take less than 15 minutes to complete
  • Benchmarks will be aggregated and grouped by "Like Company" Peer Groups
Please have the following Enterprise Valuation Benchmarks available to minimize the time required to complete the Survey:
  • Rule of 40
  • Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio (CAC Ratio)
    • New Name Customers, Existing Customer Expansion
  • CAC Payback Period
  • CLTV:CAC Ratio
  • Gross and Net Dollar Retention Rates
  • Gross Margin
RevOps Squared is developing the SaaS industry's first Key Performance Indicator Benchmarking Index. The insights provided will enable data-driven, metrics informed decisions to increase organizational alignment and Increase Enterprise Value.

If you prefer to participate in the research on a personalized basis, including receiving a tailored executive summary for your company, please contact to schedule a personal KPI Benchmarking Assessment.

RevOps anonymizes and aggregates all data collected. Privacy Policy can be viewed here.