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How is the Coronavirus Impacting Florida Employers?

As you know, for the last two weeks, it’s been impossible to escape the daily breaking news of the coronavirus.  The Florida Chamber is committed to the safety and health of Florida employers and the millions of people that work for them.  Our goal is to meet this challenge head-on by sharing best practices amongst the private and public sectors, while providing employers with the guidance they need to keep their operations running.  We appreciate Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership and the team he has assembled, and we’re doing everything we can to help, including discovering, and sharing, best practices.

For now, we are interested in knowing what you and your company are doing to meet this challenge.  Please take two minutes to answer the following questions:
1. Which phrase best describes your level of concern towards the Coronavirus:
2. What measures has your company deployed to counteract the virus (please check all that apply):
3. If your company has suspended conferences, meetings and/or travel, what is the duration of that policy?
6. Would you be interested in receiving a link to a free Coronavirus toolkit?
7. Would you be interested in receiving daily updates from the Florida Chamber which may include what other employers are doing to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, where the virus is spreading and other relevant information?
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