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UNESCO 2015 Recommendation Checklist

Governments (1/6)

Important: This Checklist is not intended as a means to compare countries to one another. No public report with the individual results will be published. Use the questions on the Checklist to help assess areas of implementation where it might be helpful to focus future projects and advocacy. 
The following Checklist includes a number of statements. For each statement, you will be able to provide the following answers: 

Yes: You have seen clear evidence that the action described in this statement has been implemented. 

No: You have seen no action taken towards implementing the action described in the statement. 

Partially (positive steps taken): You have seen some steps taken towards implementing the action described in the statement. These positive steps could include a general awareness of the issue, research and consultation, or similar preliminary steps. Positive steps can be different depending on the situation, so use your judgement to determine if there has been positive development towards implementation. 

Negative steps taken: You have seen steps taken to prevent implementation of the action described in this statement. This could be that steps towards implantation were started then abandoned, policy that was once in place is not anymore, or other actions towards actively blocking the action described in the statement. 

Don't Know: More information is needed 
1. Your country has a national Memory of the World Committee.
2. Your country has a national Memory of the World Register.
3. Your government seeks to raise awareness of the importance of preservation.
4. Your government encourages the definition of standards for preservation.