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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1001 Quiz 23

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. A company has built a video streaming service that supplies training videos. Quickly transmitting video data to customers is more important than guaranteed delivery.

Which of the following transport layer TCP/IP suite protocols is MOST likely used for this service?
2. A technician is tasked with installing a network-enabled camera that runs on power that is supplied through its network connection. The network device that connects to the camera does not have the capability to supply this power. There is a power outlet close to the camera.

Which of the following devices can be used to supply power?
3. Which of the following describes the part of the IPv6 address that identifies the subnet address?
4. A group of workers attend a team-building retreat at a remote cabin. They can place calls on their mobile smartphones, but the cabin has no wired phone, television, or wired internet connectivity. The workers need to access an internet webpage using their laptop computers.

Which of the following internet connection types might be available to the workers?
5. A technician is installing a cable modem that supplies internet connectivity for a home office. Which of the following cabling types would be used to connect the cable modem to the cable wall outlet?
6. For a special project, you have been asked to recommend the lowest profile desktop computers available. You are attempting to put together the specifications for these machines.

Which of the following types of cards are attached to the motherboard to allow expansion cards to plug into them instead of the motherboard?
7. What type of peripheral device is typically found on a laptop computer and allows the user to control the cursor with a finger?
8. Ida, one of the employees in the sales department, needs a way to display her PowerPoint sales presentation to a large group of potential customers. She has asked you to set up the conference room in preparation for her presentation.

You will need to purchase a display system for the conference room. Which of the following display systems would be the BEST to purchase?
9. What key advantage does a virtual router have over a physical router?
10. Which component is most likely to allow physical and virtual machines to communicate with each other?
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