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Coronavirus Impact Survey Spring 2020

Tales from the Road: The New Sales Journey: 
COVID-19 has brought about significant changes to the world of sales, and selling is continuing to evolve as the economy reopens. The Brooks Group wants to know how these issues are affecting your sales organization. 

Please complete the short, 5-minute survey below to share your experience.

1. What is the time frame for your sales team to be traveling again for single-day trips?
2. What is the time frame for your sales team to be traveling again for overnight trips (either driving or flying)?
4. If your team is on the road, are they seeing any of the following issues?
Space Cell YesNoNot Applicable
Inability to access the customer's/prospect's facility even with an appointment
Navigating different security procedures at each new site
Customers/prospects unwilling to set face-to-face appointments
Difficulty finding open businesses to eat or buy gasoline
Less social distancing and/or fewer safety protocols than the sales team is comfortable with (e.g., lack of masks or hand sanitizer, too many people in meeting rooms, etc.)
5. How would you rate the current efficiency of your team's selling on the road compared to the end of 2019?
7. What impact is the coronavirus having on your sales results?
8. What is your company doing to ensure your ability to collect from clients? (Select all that apply.)
9. Which of the following best describes your role?