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CIEH Noise Survey 2020

About the survey

Why is the survey continuing during COVID 19?

We are aware that Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) are heavily involved in supporting efforts to tackle COVID-19 and we appreciate that many of you will be especially busy at this time. However, the information collected is used in official Government statistics and we have also heard that some local authorities have seen big increases in complaints about residential noise during the lockdown. We are keen to ensure that this information is captured, if at all possible. To ensure we are not putting additional pressure on teams, we will extend the deadline for submission until the end of September and possibly beyond.

Why is the CIEH noise survey important?

Our noise survey provides the only source of regular national information on the important contribution made by EHPs working to resolve noise complaints. Please see our report of last year’s data here.

Data from the CIEH survey has been adopted into the Public Health Outcomes Framework, which is administered by Public Health England (PHE). This provides an important link between noise and health outcomes. As the department responsible for setting national policy on noise, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), also draw on CIEH noise data on. The data was also referenced in the Chief Medical Officer annual report of 2017 to emphasise the importance of noise as a public health issue.

How will we use this data?

We will be sharing the data received with colleagues at DEFRA and PHE. CIEH will also use it to inform media press releases to highlight the work of EHPs. We will publish the data in an anonymised, aggregated form by region.

How you can help

By providing us with information on the number of noise complaints received in a 12-month period and your work to resolve these in your local area. We are interested in as much or as little data you can provide – everything is useful.

Is data collected just for England?

Yes, this year we are only collecting data for England. Historically, we have collected data for Wales, but will be taking a break this year to explore how the survey can be made more useful for Welsh authorities and Welsh Government. We do not collect data for Northern Ireland and Scotland as they have their own data collections systems in place, led by central Government. No such collections exist in England and Wales.

What data do I have to provide?

Minimum required information:
  • Total number of noise complaints received
  • Total number of abatement notices served
  • Staffing allocations for noise related work
Additional (optional) information:
  • Total number of other formal actions taken on noise
  • Total number of prosecutions
  • Breakdowns of noise complaints by sector

Who runs the survey?

CIEH collect the data, analyse the results and publish these on our website. This year’s survey is being supported by the Noise Abatement Society (NAS). The NAS is a registered UK charity whose founder lobbied the Noise Abatement Act through Parliament in 1960. For over sixty years NAS has worked tirelessly through education, research and partnerships to find, develop and trial practical and sustainable solutions to noise pollution for the public benefit.

Your data and GDPR

By submitting data to this survey, you are agreeing to give CIEH access to the information submitted, including your name and contact details. The data from this survey will be collected and analysed by CIEH and will not be handled by NAS. CIEH may share the data with other organisations but we will not share your contact details with third parties.

If you have any difficulties completing this survey or need to contact us for any reason, please email: