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CTRM Vendor Perception Study


Welcome to the Commodity Technology Advisory LLC Vendor Perception Research.

We conduct this research every two years to assess changes in brand perceptions of E/CTRM vendors.

Please do complete all questions including a few demographic questions. Your answers will remain anonymous but we must verify you using some form of identification. We respect your privacy - please see our privacy policy at

You will be asked some questions to identify yourself at the end of this. If you do not answer these, or skip the questions, we will discard your entire survey so you will have wasted your time.

We will only use this limited demographic information to verify that your response is valid (i.e ensure you are not a vendor) and to analyze trends in the data. Please do not use a private email address as we cannot validate that you are a bonafide respondent with that type of email address.

This averages 6 minutes of time to complete.

Thank you.

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