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UWC Unlocked Talks Speaker Sign Up Form

UWC Unlocked Talks

As UWC students, staff members, volunteers and alumni alike find themselves spread across the globe, many in self-isolation, this initiative was started to offer the opportunity for community members to speak on any topic of their liking: whether they have research they want to share with fellow UWCers, perspectives on current issues (Corona or otherwise), tutorials on different topics of expertise (from playwriting to video making) or news from their home community that they want to shed light on for the rest of the community to see - these Talks will offer all community members the chance to tune in to interesting topics and connect with UWCers across the globe. 

Once you have signed up to host a session, we will be in touch with you via email to arrange a date and time for your session. All UWC Unlocked Talks will take place on Upcoming Talks will be shared on the UWC Hub, the UWC Alumni Facebook group and the main UWC Facebook page. 

Please fill out the below form to suggest a UWC Unlocked Talk that you would like to host. Please be aware that due to capacity we may not reply to all submissions.  
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