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Manifest Boston Virtual Call

Let's Host a Virtual Event!


* While we are not currently producing a round of Manifest at Home virtual events, we are always pleased to hear your ideas! *

Manifest Boston knows that true innovation is born out of change. We know that these few weeks will test us all greatly, but especially our community of makers & doers, creators & dreamers. So, we're putting up a bit of risk capital for you to innovate & ideate.

We want to share your talent digitally. Share your plan with us, we'll help make it happen & pay you for your time.

The Call
Events are being cancelled and live performances on hold. Non-essential services are being reduced as we all sacrifice for the common good and hunker down in quarantine-like situations. We know that you, our community of creatives, are at particularly high risk during this global crisis.

Usually, we like to support you by showcasing you at our events, exhibiting your work, getting you up on stage.  Today, we're asking you to try something a bit unusual with us. 

How can Manifest Boston help you bring your work to the virtual stage? How would you fill 45 minutes online in an interactive, engaging, and dynamic virtual 'event'. This is the time to break open the mold of what it means to "be together" and we want to be a part of that discovery process with you. Is it a live drawing virtual group mural? A concert for the world? An aria from your living room for the world? Group drumming? A stand-up routine?

*at this time we do not have a deadline for this project. We are being flexible and responsive to demand from our community and thirst from our audience.*

The Exch
You will:
  • develop a 45minute event to take place entirely online
  • host & record (live!) the event in your home or studio (we can help you with the technology, you just need the space!)
  • Assist in marketing and invitations to your live virtual event

We will:
  • Pay you for your work and time (details below)
  • Host you as a featured Manifest Boston partner, amplifying your work to the Boston (and global!) community
  • Host the event on one of our platforms  such as Zoom, Instagram, or others with business-level integrations including
    • production
    • scripting
    • moderating
    • recording
  • Invite & manage RSVP's for the entire Manifest Boston audience. Providing you with way more than the 10 pairs of eyes and ears we're comfortably allowed to interact with under current social distancing recommendations
3. What level of interaction are you hoping for in your virutal event?  *This question is required.
4. What's your ideal audience size? *This question is required.
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Stipend Details
Stipends will be determined by Manifest Boston and will be made in an amount between $100- $350 per virtual event. No session will move forward without express commitment by both parties after stipend determination is made. 

An Experiment
This is new for us, too, guys. We're just experimenting here and are looking forward to some good ol' fashioned trial and error along with you. Thanks for being our partners during this wild time.