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2020 Photo submissions

ARI's #AutismCOVID19Stories

Each year, we ask families to share photos and stories. In this unprecedented time, we invite you to share your snapshots and stories about life at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. What strategies have you discovered for dealing with the disruption? What has been a struggle and what's going well? Send us your story. We'll get through this together, sharing our challenges and small victories.
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Professional photos may be shared - be sure to contact the photographer or store where the photos were taken ahead of time for a release if copyrights apply.
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6. If the photo and quote appears in ARI's support materials, may we attribute it to you? That could be name and city/state; name and designation – like this:

John Smith, Anytown, CA

J Smith, Anytown, CA
John Smith, Parent
J Smith, Parent
JS, Anytown, CA
JS, parent
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