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Refund form for events affected by the coronacrisis

Please use this form if you are unable to attend an event that was rescheduled to a new date. You have 30 days after the new date has been announced to you by e-mail.

Follow these steps to get a refund.

1/ Select the event for which you bought tickets. Is the event not listed? Maybe the new date is not yet known or the event will take place as planned. If there is news about the event for which you bought tickets, you will receive information about it via email. 

2/ Please complete the form accurately. 

3/ Upload a document proving that you are unable to attend the event on the new date.

What are the terms?

- You have exactly 30 days to request a refund, starting from the time you are notified of the new date by email. Consult the official communication on our website about postponed events. If, after these 30 days, exceptional circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the event, please contact us at That way, we can verify with you whether you meet the conditions for a refund.

- Independent of the corona crisis, illness is not accepted as a reason for reimbursement. Please check the procedure, if you have purchased a cancellation insurance with your tickets.

- Your application has to come with valid supporting documents (e.g. booking confirmation of a trip).

- Please also note that only the original ticket buyer can request a refund.

Processing your application

Tele Ticket Service will process your request as soon as possible. If your request is accepted, you will receive a refund within three months after the dissolution of this exceptional measure (currently foreseen on 30 June 2021). 

Did you buy more than 20 tickets for an event through a group purchase?

If you bought more than 20 tickets for an event through a group purchase, then please consult the FAQ section on our website before filling in this form.

Do you have any further questions? 

Consult this handy guide if you have any questions about refunding tickets due to the corona crisis.  


2. Please fill out the form below and we will refund your ticket(s) as soon as possible.
For a smooth processing and a quick refund, we ask you to check the data carefully. Reservation number, account number and BIC code are of the utmost importance. The reservation number can be found in our emails regarding your reservation.  If you do not know your BIC (Belgium), you can visit this website.

The BIC code is already present in the Dutch IBAN (e.g. NLXXRABOXXXXXXXXXXXX).
This question requires a valid email address.
This question requires a valid number format.
4. Number of tickets to be refunded

ATTENTION! Customers outside of Belgium or the Netherlands who paid by Mastercard or Visa and who do not have an account number in Belgium or the Netherlands will be refunded via the payment card used. In that case, fill in the word 'online' at both IBAN and BIC.

Fill out your IBAN / bank account number. IBAN has a maximum of 34 alphanumeric characters and starts with the letters BE for Belgium and the Netherlands NL.
Ex. GEBABEBB (Belgium) or RABONL2U (The Netherlands). This code is used to identify the banks. Without this BIC code, we can not repay.

7. Add the necessary documents here. You can add a maximum of 1 file (up to 1 Mb). Uploading your ticket(s) is not sufficient proof for a refund.

*This question is required.